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Season 9

1. Matthew Seminole Deer Hunt

2. Jeff at Dominant Buck Outfitters

Season 8

1. In Memory of Charles Adam Lowery

2. In Memory of Boone Dobbs

3. Bufflo Hunting in Crossville, TN with Sean Byers

4. Deer Hunting in South Carolina

5. Angels Dream Hog Hunt

6. Jeff's Kentucky Deer Hunt

7. Braiden Deer Hunt in Kentucky

8. Sean Gobbler Hunting

9. Braxton Turkey Hunting In Tenn.

10. Summer Fishing with Interstate Welding

11. Fishing with Fontana Guides

12. Bow Hunting Tenn. Turkey

13. Oscar Turkey Hunting in Kentucky

14. Caleb's 1st Turkey Hunt

15. Fall Bow Season

16. Texas Deer Hunting

17. Texas Hunting Part 2

18. Texas Deer Hunt Part 3

19. Reece Dockery Hog Hunt

20. Hunter Llyod Turkey Hunt

21. Jeff's Spring Turkey Hunt

22. Spring Turkey Hunting

23 Michael's 1st Turkey

24. Oscar's Opening Day Turkey Hunt

25. North Georgia Turkeys

26. In Memory of Braxton Kuykendall


Season 7

1. Braxton's Tenn. Turkey Hunt
2. Sean's Ram Hunt
3. Eddie Tanner's Hog Hunt
4. Angel's Dream Hog Hunt

5. Sean & Thomas's Dream Hunt

6. Billy Crisp Dream Hunt
7. In Memory of Boone Dobbs
8. Jacob & Will's Dream Hunt
9. Will Fishing at Orange Beach
10. Will Arrant's Dream Hunt
11. Daniel Murphy's Dream Hunt
12. Braxton's Kentucky Deer Hunt
13. Matthew's Dream Hunt

Fall Season

14. Jeff's Kentucky Deer Hunt

15. Oscar's Kentucky Deer Hunt

16. Florida Gator Hunt

17. Deer Hunting in Nashville, Ga.

18. Jeff Turkey Hunting in Kentucky

19. Oscar Turkey Hunting in Kentucky

20. Jeff Turkey Hunting in Tenn.

21. Oscar Turkey Hunting in Tenn.

22. South Georgia Squirrel Hunt

23. Deer Hunting in North Georgia

.24 Braden's Dream Deer Hunt in Kentucky

25.Hogs, Hogs and More Hogs

26 Jessie Bradshaws Dream Doe Day Hunt

Season 6

1. Braxton Hunting Trophy Whitetail in Kentucky
2. Jeff & Oscars Tennessee Hog Hunt
3. Turkey Hunting in South Georgia
4. Whitetail Hunting in South Carolina
5. Bird Hunting at Cat Creek Outfitters
6. Bow Hunting Tennessee Gobblers
7. Fishing with Fontana Guides
8. Mule Deer Hunting in Nebraska
9. Oklahoma Whitetail Hunt
10. Texas Deer Hunting
11. Braxton's Fallow Deer Hunt
12. Jeff's Nebraska Deer Hunt
13. Oscar's Georgia Turkey Season

Season 5

1. Sean's Caryonah Hog Hunt
2. Braxton's Fallow Deer Hunt
3. Cat Creek Outfiiters Bird Hunt
4. Oklahoma Hunt
5. Jeff Deaver's Turkey Hunt
6. Will Fishing at Orange Beach
7. Stacy's Randolph County, Ga. Pig
8. Will's Hog Hunt
9. Daniel's Hog Hunt
10. Fishing the Hiwassee River
11. Dove Hunting in Flovilla, Ga.
12. Colton & Grayson's Deer Hunt
13. Hunting Geese in the North Carolina Mtns.

Season 4

1. Fishing the Soque River in Habersham County, Ga.
2. Coon Huntin' in South Georgia
3. Whitetail Hunting near Savannah, Ga.
4. Jeff's 8 pt. Buck at Giving Back Ministries
5. North Georgia Boys in Their Own Backyard
6. Big Creek Ducks & Bucks
7. Coppers Creek Coon Huntin'
8. Gobbler Smack Down in Kentucky
9. Turkey Huntin' at Giving Back Ministries
10. Hunting Hogzilla at Giving Back Ministries
11. Hunting in Middle Georgia with Joe Bufford
12. Flat Fishing on the Ecofina
13. Thomas Stivers Big Boar Hunt


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