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We are a select group of Christians who are looking for ways to win souls for Christ through the great outdoors. X-treme Christian Outdoors Television Series, is a unique ministry opportunity being used to share the message of Christ with a lost and dying world. Through video clips of outdoor excursions and useful tips for the outdoor enthusiast, the staff uses this opportunity to share their faith.

It's more than a show about hunting and fishing. It's a chance to reach a group of people that might not otherwise hear the message of Jesus Christ. Although each episode will showcase a different adventure, the main objective is to share the gospel. There are many men and women who have a passion for the outdoors.

It is our prayer that they obtain a greater passion for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through the acceptance of salvation and application of Biblical principles to their lives.

We are committed to bringing good, clean outdoor shows to men, women and children who are passionate about the outdoors.

We are hopeful that through this outreach program, we as Christians can reach others by sharing the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We would like to extend this opportunity to have you become our partner in this endeavor.

The staff of X-treme Christian Outdoors is dedicated to helping those with special needs. Whether the disability is physical, mental or emotional, it is our goal to reach out and include children with disabilities whenever possible. With video footage from prior Dream Hunts, and more trips planned in the future, we have a firm foundation for the direction we would like this television series to take. By joining with us through sponsorship and commercial advertising, you can help to make a child's dream come true. There is nothing greater than to see a child achieve something that they thought was not possible. The great outdoors is something that everyone deserves to enjoy, regardless of personal ability. If we can help but one child to forget, if only for a day, that they have Limitations, then none of our work has been in vain.

If you are interested in more information of becoming a sponsor, commercial advertiser, or hosting an outdoor event at your church, please call Jeff at



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